about us

Our Story

MiLady Lash is a foremost US-based beauty company specializing in customized individual eyelash extensions, application accessories, after-care tools, and other related cosmetic products with global distribution. We are also proficient in the art of eyelash extension application and training program.

The company was founded by Celina Nguyen who lives and plies her trade in Atlanta, GA. She has been in the beauty industry for over 14 years but developed a special interest in Eyelash Extensions about 7 years ago, which later became her passion.

Celina has traveled around the world in search of the best, innovative, and affordable beauty products to help lash artists and technicians worldwide improve their businesses. This prompted her to start offering wholesale private labels. 

Our Offering

Celina’s industry knowledge and experience are reflected by her efforts in providing unmatched professional Eyelash Extensions Training. Her commitment to educate her students ensures that everyone who attends her training can confidently offer unbeatable standard in the preparation and application of lash extensions.

MiLady Lash delivers creativity and simplicity through every part of the ordering procedure. Plus, our highly responsive customer service team are committed to ensure your experience is memorable throughout every order. Apparently, you do not need to look elsewhere!

We equally offer Online Training Program, as well as a physical training to beginners and interested students. Guess what? Our prices are super affordable!  

Our Core Values

Customer Satisfaction

Our business wouldn’t be existing today without YOU! Absolute customer satisfaction tops our list of priorities at MiLady Lash. We take pride in offering excellent, responsive, and super-friendly customer service to our clients. Hearing from you gives us joy and inspires us to improve. We aim to simplify your job by bringing to you the latest and trendy innovations in the industry.


We are highly innovative and we believe in taking you to the next level with our deeply sourced high-quality products, as well as the lastest knowledge and advancements in the lash industry. Matching the increasing needs of our constantly evolving market through superb product extension, we will provide thorough answers to every questions you have!  


MiLady Lash is built on the foundation of excellence and integrity! We perfectly focus on this area of eyelash extensions to completely ensure constant evolution and high-quality service delivery. All our eyelash extensions products and accessories are manufactured using eco-friendly, harmless materials and techniques. Ultimately, we are highly committed to offering ethical, non-toxic, premium quality, and affordable eyelash products.  

Quality Delivery

We keep to our promise and we make your business our business. Exceptional quality delivery is one of the wonderful core values that contributed to our growth in the industry and you shouldn’t expect anything short of this. We provide superior quality products and services at unbeatable prices to ensure splendid outcomes for you and your customers.  

Our Commitment

Our undiluted commitment to you as one of the top force in the beauty industry is to continually improve MiLady Lash products and services to better help you meet your business needs and aspirations. We conduct constant product testing to adequately ensure maximum quality while also striving to expand our collection.

 With these efforts in mind, our priority is to flourish you with a broad range of comprehensive beauty products, as well as top-notch eyelash extension online training. Significantly, we are fully committed to delivering unparalleled customer support to facilitate and accelerate your success!