MiLady Lash doesn’t just care about its products alone, we are also committed to educating, inspiring, and training the current and upcoming crop of lash technicians. With rich and rewarding experience in the lash industry, we are proud of the quality of the products, services, and trainings we offer.

Nevertheless, with a solid concentration on theory and outstanding practical application, our priceless training simplify each skill so that they can be perfected and improved, before they are strongly combined. In fact, when you enrol for our training, you learn from the best!

Our Training Categories

Group Training:

This Group Training is originally designed to accommodate 3 – 6 students at a time. It involves a 3-day comprehensive training program where students get to learn the complete theory online from experienced instructors before attending the proper class. We’ve put the initial online training in place to help understand the basics, and making it easier to focus more on practicing on real models. Training kit ( $500 value ) and a certificate is included.

  • Price: $1,750
  • Course Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm
  • Course Location: Atlanta / 404.429.1075
  • Language: English / Vietnamese

Private Training:

This is the best training option for a fresher. Our private training is designed for students with no prior eyelash extension knowledge or experience and who desire to become a certified lash technician in applying lash extensions. This would be a one-on-one class where students get to learn from basic to advance level.

Students will also benefit from the instructor’s practical experience by learning the tips, tricks, and techniques in eyelash extensions. It doesn’t stop here, students will be given a complete training kit ( $500 value ) to aid their practice and a certificate after completion. 

  • Price: $1,950
  • Course Time: 10:00am – 6:00pm
  • Course Location: Atlanta / 4044291075
  • Language: English / Vietnamese

Online Training:

MiLady Eyelash Extension Online Training is an ideal choice for those who are passionate about lash extensions but live far away and not available to take the course in person. This is also a great option for those who aren’t sure if eyelash extension is the right job for them. Interestingly, you pay a minimum amount for this training in order to help you decide if you would move forward to the physical training class.

This course will be run at students’ pace and convenience. You will be equipped with all the important theories, tools, tips and techniques needed to get started. Ultimately, this course doesn’t offer training kit and certificate to students. 

  • Price: $400
  • special now!!! Price: $295
  • Course Time: Any Time
  • Buy This Course : Call/Text 404.429.1075
  • Language: Vietnamese

What Do We Stand Out from Others?

At MiLady Lash, we run our eyelash extension training at the top level just to equip you and meet your professional needs. Here is why we stand out from the crowd and what you experience when you buy into the MiLady Lash Training Program. 

Certified Trainers

Students are taught by top-class instructors who are not just only lash specialists. Our trainers are super friendly and easy to learn from, with excellent experience guaranteed. 

Knowledge is our Passion

At MiLady Lash, we believe in skill development and are also committed to taking lash education to greater heights through our cutting-edge training program. Significantly, we solidly focus on eyelash theory, technique, and application. 

Small Class Sizes

Understanding is KEY in our programs. This is why we only accept a few students and hold small classes so as to offer our students the best quality attention they deserve.

Unlimited Support

We offer unlimited support, help, and advice to students after completion of each lash training to better facilitate their lash extension career. 

Do You Have the Requirements to Become a Lash Artist?

Working around the eyes is quite sensitive and can involve some degree of risks, so you need to meet the physical requirements below before safely applying eyelash extensions. 

Wonderful Dexterity and Steady Hands

The art of eyelash extension application involves brilliantly manipulating tweezers with both hands simultaneously, hence the need for good dexterity.

Great Eyesight

While we adopt the use of magnification glass to help with eyelash isolation and proper placement, it is imperative to have both keen vision and depth perception in order to be a prosperous lash technician. 

Patience & Commitment

Even though MiLady Lash will provide you with the complete theory and the technical training required to perform the elaborate lash extensions application procedure, you should in turn pay attention to detail, have patience, as well as a superb commitment to constant practicing. 

Reward for Passion – Earn a Certificate

To successfully complete our eyelash training, MiLady Lash demands that you display a remarkable understanding of the key concepts, as well as execute the technical aspect of eyelash extension application. Our main priority is coaching and certifying students based on pure merit and high standards.

However, after each training program, students will be awarded their prestigious certificates and a training kit to kick start their careers. At MiLady Lash, our reputation hangs on the experts we produce and it is crucial that we provide you with the best and unparalleled training available.


For further inquires, please call / text : 4044291075